Production of wooden pallets. Sawn timber.

About us

1JSC “Kukras” based in suburbs of the second largest city in Lithuania, has a long history of supplying high quality hardwood and softwood timber. Founded in 2000, the company is now recognised as a dependable and trustworthy business partner. The Company’s core business is converting roundwood into a comprehensive range of high quality sawn timber products for the packaging markets, i.e. wooden pallets and elements for their production.

For almost 19 years, the key values instilled in the Company by our founder have driven Kukras‘ growth, and remain central to the way we operate.

These values:

Each year we increase our production capacities and expand the range of products in order to maintain a stable position in the market of wood products. Currently we cultivate about 2,500 cu. meters of timber per month. We have state of the art facilities for Kiln Drying, sawing and machining where we process hardwood and softwood (spruce, pine).

We offer a wide choice of sawn wood:

Our clients:

We are recognised among our loyal clients as reliable suppliers of wooden pallets, pallet collars, semi finished pallets and elements for pallet production throughout Europe. We supply our products to various factories, concerns, mills and pallet manufacturers in most European countries – Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and others.

Being young and enthusiastic team we try to justify all the expectations of our customers, by guaranteeing productive solutions to all issues and problems. Our team is ready to answer all your inquiries and offer the most favorable solutions and prices.

We strive to earn the trust of our customers by doing our job as thoroughly as possible.

To submit your inquiry, please email: or call tel. No .: +37069841280. We will send you quotes and possible delivery terms in 1-2 working days.

If you are interested in long-term continuous partnership, we look forward to your inquiries.


At „Kukras“, we work diligently to earn and maintain a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy business partner. The wood offered and the care used in our precision manufacturing and drying technologies, demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and enables us to provide our customers a variety of sizes, types and manufacturing in accordance with the individual specifications of products.

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„Kukras“ product range includes:

Various pallets:

A full range of ISPM-15 Certified pallet and packing material is available:

Heat treatment, kiln drying, machining and preservation treatment available.

Compounds for pallet production:

Pallet collars:

Semi- finished pallet elements:

Various boxes for products packaging, storage and transportation.

Most of our products you can see in the Photo Gallery.

If you are interested in other products, special sizes or types of treatment, we look forward to your inquiries.

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Photo gallery

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JSC "Kukras"
Registration address: Alsenu g. 4, LT-46394 Kaunas, Lithuania
Mailing address: Mauruciu k., Prienai. Veiveriu pst. LT - 59290, Lithuania
Production plant: Silenu g. 6, Mauruciu k., Prienai. Veiveriu pst. LT - 59290, Lithuania
Fax: +370 319 41510

VAT code: LT356316414
Company registration code: 135631649


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Sales and Marketing Director:
Paulius Kurauskas   lt_LT en_GB ru_RU
Tel.: +370 67473815
For transport issues, please contact:
Tel.: +370 610 73165
Purchasing Director:
Sergejus Filipuskinas (boards, pallets)   lt_LT en_GB ru_RU de_DE
Tel.: +370 610 73165
Skype: sergejus.kukras
Arunas Balevicius (lumber, logs)   lt_LT ru_RU
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